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Facebook Lists are about to make the newsfeed even more annoying

Facebook Lists is  new status updates option currently been tested with a few users that lets them create, obviously, lists. These can be anything a user has on their to-do list and samples shared by The Verge look like this:

Look, I’m grateful that they keep ‘innovation’ but innovating for its sake is not worth it. I also can’t help but feel like users will ow be forced to overshare information about themselves. Your every wishlist shared with the whole world, and it may not mean anything to you, but give it a few months before you’re bombarded with ‘specials’ and content raised from your pretty little list.

The feature is only available for Android users, while iOS users are only able to view them in their feed. On Android, the Lists option can be found when your tap your status bar “What’s on your mind?”

Just a few months ago, there were Questions popping up all over the timeline with people giving answers like they have nothing better to do, and I side-eyed the whole movement because that was one way they don’t realize just how much data could be collected, especially that they are giving it away for free on such a PUBLIC space.

Facebook and other tech giants have for long been accused of using personal data and selling it to other interested parties, even though they deny it and say they only use it to tweak their own products to enhance them. Right!

I just now watch as people give this very same data as status updates freely, so who can argue about how much they know about you. That milk you prefer with honey instead of sugar, goes a long way to a honey maker who needs market information, thanks to your status update. Pssh!

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One thought on “Facebook Lists are about to make the newsfeed even more annoying

  • Interesting. I never thought of that when I answered those questions lol. I’ve just realized how much Facebook and even people that I might not know have a peak in my life *runs to quickly delete them*

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