Updated: The Doc and CEC Liquid “Part Ways” heads to Enviro Board

Update: Doctor Chabuka Kawesha has announced on his personal website where he is headed after leaving CEC Liquid. 

chabukaChabuka J Kawesha current CEO for Enviro Board Corporation in Zambia welcomes you to his website. He is former Managing Director for CEC Liquid Telecom and prior to that was with Airtel Networks Zambia (ANZ) as Head-Corporate Communications & Government Relations. He is also involved in Corporate Communications, Corporate Governance, Regulations & Government Relations activities at various levels.

A look at the the EnviroBoard website shows a muzungu type of establishment, with a global reach and aspects of NGO-type work. The mission statement reads:

The mission of Enviro Board Corporation is to become the world’s leading manufacturer of low-cost, environmentally friendly building panels and near “net-zero” energy housing systems. Our architecturally versatile panels will contribute significantly to a healthier environment by recycling agricultural waste, greatly reducing pollution and preserving our natural resources, while creating the ability to construct high-quality, affordable housing worldwide utilizing unskilled labor.

A thorough comparison of the two corporations begs the question why would the Doc quit a next age corporation for a seemingly NGO-like operation with an ‘experimental’ business model. A betting pool has been started, and we have our money on him being a Board Member with equity, which is something we do not see Liquid Telecom Group giving up for this vastly experienced and highly respected member of the industry.

Furthermore, Matimba Lumamba, posted in the comments section, the appointment notice from EnviroBoard. This led us to the EnviroBoard website.

matimba lumamba

Her comment was lifted from a ‘statement’ that appeared on the EnviroBoard website, where the Doc is pictured with the current president his excellency Michael C. Sata a few days after he was elected to office (below).

President Sata shares a light moment with Dr Kawesha.
President Sata shares a light moment with Dr Kawesha.

We hope to get a comment from the Doc so we can clear the air on some of these, and settle some bets. However, get your bets in via the comments section and let us know where you putting you money. In the meantime, peruse and be inspired by the resume available for download on the Doc’s webpage.

Post below originally appeared on February 17, @ 7:48.

Highly-placed sources have confirmed that Dr. Chabuka Jerome Kawesha and CEC Liquid have “parted ways.” The former regulatory and Government Affairs Manager at Airtel Zambia surprised pundits when he became the front-runner for the lead role at one of fastest growing service providers in the market. We had covered his appointment as CEO  barely 3 months ago.

It appears the appointment was rescinded after the probationary period. However, rumours around this issue abound? Early indications are that this was a mutual separation.

How a highly qualified and experienced industry leader with immense and diverse connections to decision-makers on both the operator and regulatory, albeit government side, went from the A-list of the industry to the next unemployed statistic is baffling?

With a highly public appointment to an LuSE-listed linked entity, a joint venture between Mauritian-based Liquid Telecom and Zambia’s CEC – we wonder whether the vetting process was diligently carried out to arrive at such a decision. Many a CEO are appointed to stay for not less than 2 years. Was something not revealed during discovery and interview that is so damning that it made it imperative he be not confirmed? Was the recruiter aware or unaware of any such anomalies? Or were they blind-sided?

The highly publicised event for commercial launch has been put off to a new date. Could the internal politics have affected this as well. Who is now running the CEO role and is it in the interim capacity or they are poised to stay on as the search continues?

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