Celebrating #GirlsInICT: Fredah Temwani Banda

Celebrating #GirlsInICT: Fredah Temwani,

Computer Science is a science built on logic and ladies are generally better than guys at logic. It’s in our blood to think logically and that’s what I love about it. In fact, the first ever computer programmer was a lady called Ada Lovelace who was a gifted mathematician. Another fun fact, Zambia is famous for having more business women than we have business men. It’s a girls’ world out there, we just need to stop fearing the invisible and go for our dreams.

I was the first lady to graduate with a distinction in Computer Science in the history of the University of Zambia but I should not be the last. I didn’t get 6 points in Grade 12, I had 8 but I believed in myself. If we put in the passion, the work, the faith, we can win!!!

I’m currently in my 3rd year of my PhD with my 1 year 5 month old daughter and husband so no excuses ati ‘nili na mwana.’ We women are strong, we can make it.

I am lecturing part time for both Antalya International University in Turkey and Oxford Royale Academy in the U.K. In the past I worked for Mercedes Benz, Airtel (under Mahindra Comviva) and Prognoz.

We definitely need more women in science, there is more than enough room for more. So if problem solving, logic, and the love of sense drive you; my dear, you might just be the next big woman in science we are waiting so eagerly for! ❤️

My name is Fredah Banda, a wife, mother, daughter, friend, and scientist!


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