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You Can Now Pay Your Proflight Fares With Zoona Mobile Money

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Proflight has signed a deal with mobile money provider Zoona to enable customers pay their flight fares using the service. To do this, a customer has to book a flight  on the Proflight website, by phoning an agent or visiting the Proflight office(s) in person.

The client will then be given a reference number that they can use to make their payment at any Zoona outlet in the country. Afterwards, they will receive an email confirming their flight.

Proflight Director of Government and Industry Affairs Captain Philip Lemba said “It doesn’t get any easier to fly with Proflight. Paying for a seat on the plane is now as simple as popping to the market to buy some vegetables.”

This is convenience at its best, and also shows how versatile and relevant mobile money is becoming in Zambia. From airtime purchases to utility bill payments to online shopping to flight fare pay, the movement keeps growing.

All that needs to happen is that people need to start trusting the mobile money process. It’s fast and easy. Mobile money providers also need to ensure their system runs smoothly all the time. Technicalities need to be reduced.


About the partnership Zoona’s Regional Managing Director, Lelemba Phiri said, “Zoona is dedicated to making life easier for our customers and helping communities thrive by making payments and other financial services accessible to all. This new partnership with Proflight gives our customers even more reason to keep using our services.”

More reason indeed. Mobile money should be applicable for a whole range of applications in modern business systems. It cuts out the need for people to have to move with cash to pay for goods when they can do it from the comfort of their couch.

We applaud Proflight and Zoona for the effort.


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