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“Baby, let me upgrade you,” Facebook to Windows 8


We’re used to getting updates from  Facebook on Android and iOS, obviously because they are the popular platforms by most device owners but now they have made a few changes to  Windows too.

For Windows phones the Facebook version 5.3  will add more featured languages, and users can record and upload videos directly within the app. There will also be easier integration with the Facebook Messenger back and forth with the main Facebook app.

If your device runs on Windows 8.1, the app will now allow you to sync with contacts from your phonebook who are also on Facebook. It will also sync with your calendar to allow you see events, birthdays, and other important dates.

Recently there have been other changes to Facebook across all platforms, with video recording and playback options in its Messenger. Stickers were also added for more entertaining chats.

The announcement was made by Facebook on Monday so if you have a Windows device try out the new upgrade and let us know how satisfying the new changes are. You can download the updated version from the Windows Phone Store.

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