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Apple’s new Music Memos app is changing the music world

Source: Apple
Source: Apple

Apple has launched its Music Memos app that can record voice and allows people quickly note down their song ideas and create them to an extent.

It has high quality recordings, can tag audio information, has a feature that analyzes  voice recordings and instantly adds drums, guitars or other instruments. Users can also edit the pitch, tempo and time signatures of their recordings with the inbuilt tuners.

Source: Apple
Source: Apple

The recordings can be shared onto YouTube, Sound Cloud or iTunes, and can be opened in other applications like Garage Band on iOS devices or Logic Pro X on Mac to add more instruments and complete the song.

The app’s free and is compatible for the iPhone 4s and later and also iPad 2 and later, running on IOS 9.1 or later.

With all these music apps popping up, will we see producers in the next few years, maybe months?

Download Music Memos here.


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