Apple may be jumping in on the (not really there yet) LiFi action


Apple’s iOS 9.1 has some coding that could enable the use of LiFi, which is WiFi but using light to transmit it, according to Business Insider.

Invented by researcher at the University of Edinburgh Harald Haas, Li-Fi has since been worked on by numerous companies. It’s over 100 times faster than normal Wi-Fi with speeds of about 224 gigabits per second because the light spectrum transmits the data.

We had shared some ways in which LiFi is better than WiFi:

  • The enormous and growing user demand for wireless data is placing huge pressure on already existing WiFi technology, which uses the radio and microwave frequency spectrum. But with Li-Fi An array of light sources in the ceiling could send different signals to different users.
  • The lack of radio frequency interference is an advantage for Li-Fi over Wi-Fi. Visible light communications (VLS) is intrinsically safe, and could end the need for travelers to switch devices to flight mode.
  • Other than potentially much faster speeds, is that because light cannot pass through walls, it makes it a whole lot more secure.
  • A further advantage of Li-Fi is that it can use existing power lines as LED lighting so no new infrastructure is needed. Our homes, offices, and industry buildings have already been fitted with infrastructure to provide Wi-Fi, and removing all of this infrastructure out to replace it with Li-Fi technology isn’t particularly an easy feat, so the idea is to use the devices we have right now to work with Li-Fi technology. See more here.

It’s unclear how Apple might use LiFi, and no other technology is available on the market to give possible uses.


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