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Apple CarPlay is Coming to a Vehicle Near You

Apple CarPlay
Apple’s CarPlay interface in the upcoming Volvo XC90 SUV. Image courtesy Volvo

Unless you are about to own the latest Mercedes Benz, Ferrari or Volvo, then this news is probably not for you. I guess you could still read it though if you are an Apple fanatic or just a curious George.

So the deal is that Apple is introducing an in-car software platform called CarPlay. This is expected to provision content at the fingertips for iPhone users. Hold your horses, not just any iPhone though. The system will only work with iPhones that have the Lightning port connector. Which means that if you have anything older than an iPhone 5, you won’t be able to use CarPlay. Also lose hope if you’ve got an iPad.

iTunes on CarPlay
iTunes on CarPlay

It works in such a way that CarPlay lets you transfer some of the most basic functions on your iPhone to your car’s dashboard. Among the features are iOS system tools such as Siri, iTunes, Maps and Messages. CarPlay also allows the user to make hands-free phone calls and listen to voice mails.

According to Wired, Volvo announced that Wi-Fi connectivity is planned for its own implementation of CarPlay, however, the iPhone itself will need to stay physically tethered via a Lightning cable for connectivity in the meantime. Other automobile brands confirmed for inclusion in the CarPlay rollout are BMW, Toyota, GM, Honda, Hyundai, Jaguar Land Rover, Kia, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Peugeot, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota and Ford.

You are not alone if you wondered what Ford is doing on the list, considering that Ford has been aggressively working to promote its own in-car software system, Sync. It appears as though the team at Ford just can’t make up their minds. They just booted Microsoft in favour of Blackberry for their in-car software platform Sync. And now they are also on the list for Apple CarPlay! Wonders shall never cease.

The Ford Sync

So far, it is possible to connect your mobile device regardless of model to a vehicle via Bluetooth. So why the big fuss? Customisation is the answer. You will now have the ability to see your iPhone mirrored on your dashboard and operate you mobile phone while driving hands-free.

We are seeing a growing trend with businesses dipping their fingers in various arenas. Operations have now become multidisciplinary. Apple is proving to be the poster-child for this kind of business model, if we can call it that. Enter Apple on the scene with computers (Mac), then Music (iTunes and iPod), Phones (iPhone), and now in-car (CarPlay). The damning thing about all this to Apple’s competitors is that, Apple has been setting the trail ablaze even though they are never new on the scene.

Quick tip to Zambian businesses: this type of business strategizing is not exclusive only to the Apples, Googles and Amazons of this world. Smart business decisions like cross-cutting into an arena could sky-rocket your business to become a pre-approved client at your bank.

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