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Amazon Prime Video expands to Zambia and over 200 other countries

Prime Video

TV streaming is one area Amazon (yes the online shopping platform) has ventured into video and now has expanded Prime Video to 200 countries around the world, Zambia inclusive.

If you have an Amazon account already just use the same login credentials to sign in. Once signed in, the card you have saved with Amazon will also be shown as a payment option for Prime Video. You will then get a 7 day trial to watch unlimited streaming after which you will be charged an introductory $2.99 (approx K29.60) per month for the first 6 months, thereafter the rate will increase to $5.99 (approx K59.30) per month.

Prime Video gives access to hundreds of TV shows and movies and on the mobile app, users can download content to watch later. Competitor Netflix just added the download feature to its TV streaming service recently and had also expanded to Zambia in January 2016, with a free trial month, more than what Amazon is offering.

After the trial period, Prime Video is still cheaper to subscribe to at $5.99 than Netflix at between $7.99 – $11.99 per month, but the difference will be seen in the type of content each platform has. Users can access Prime Video on ‘Android and iOS phones and tablets, Fire Tablets and popular LG and Samsung smart TVs’, Amazon said.

Users can watch content in English but subtitles will be offered for shows in other languages.

Prime Video

Amazon’s Prime Video comes with settings allowing users to moderate their data usage by allowing streaming quality in 3 levels: Good, Better or Best.

“What’s really exciting is that we are just getting started.” –  Tim Leslie, Vice President, International, Prime Video.

Start watching Prime Video here.


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  • That’s a good news that Amazon Prime has also reached Zambia now and people can watch the video stream by using it on their android as well as iPhone. Amazon Prime can be more successful if it reduces its payment cost more.

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