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Airtel Trace Music Stars to launch in Zambia


Looks like Airtel got it’s groove back!

Most of us sing in a shower but how about singing into your phone and actually winning something from it? Atleast that’s what we think the soon-to-be-launched Airtel Trace Music Stars competition will be about, looking at the hints from the ads on the Airtel Zambia Facebook page.

According to a statement on the Trace TV website, in conjunction with Airtel the participants have to call in and sing their heart out to become the next big thing in their particular country or even Africa as a whole, as part of the Airtel Trace Music Stars competition.

The competition will take place in 13 countries in Africa being Burkina Faso, Chad, Congo Brazzaville, DRC, Gabon, Ghana, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda & Zambia.

The winner in each country will then get a cash prize and progress to the grand finale. Each country’s winner will also get  a chance to meet music icon Akon (who is actually the Airtel Trace Music Star ambassador) and get mentored by him, as well as sign with Universal Records, one of the world’s biggest record labels and get  a music video done with them too.


Seeing as it’s about to roll out in Zambia, we expect the launch to state the same things above. A call to the Airtel PR department confirmed the Airtel Trace Music Stars launch in Zambia as happening on the 1st of October, 2014.

Voting will be open to the public. If you’re an artist this could be your big break. Stay a part of the progress on contestants on the Trace Music Stars Facebook page here.

It’s a great way for a telecoms company to increase its usage of a facility it offers i.e voice calling, to get into another industry such as music which is quite a big deal in Zambia just so they can expand their horizons as a brand. The only thing we hope for is the rates will not be to high for the participants to call in and for the voting which may most likely be done via text format. We also predict there will also be a dedicated number for the competition. We just have to wait and see what the 1st of October will entail.

Image credits: Airtel Trace Music Stars and Airtel Zambia Facebook pages.


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