Absa Bank Zambia PLC announces contactless payment technology

Absa Bank Zambia PLC is pleased to announce that contactless technology has been enabled on all new Absa Vertical Debit Cards. This feature, a first to be enabled in the Zambian market, allows customers to pay for everyday goods and services by simply tapping on a contactless-enabled payment terminal (POS) without the need to insert, swipe or type.

Absa Bank Zambia PLC Managing Director, Mizinga Melu expressed pleasure at the rollout of the contactless technology stating that the Bank continues to put customers at the core of its operations by offering innovative and convenient ways of transacting, particularly in this challenging time when social distancing has become a norm.

“At Absa, we continue to build a digital bank for a digital age by tapping into more ways to not only make banking safer but also more convenient. We continue to focus on investing in technology and explore ways of making sure that our customers enjoy superior and future-fit banking products and services”, Mrs Melu added.

Absa Bank Zambia PLC is an award-winning Bank that has invested in excess of ZMW100 million in technology over the last two years, to upgrade its banking services so that customers enjoy quality banking, as part of its commitment to be a digitally-led organisation offering banking solutions for the Zambian people.

Speaking on the launch of contactless payment solution, Absa Bank Zambia PLC Retail Banking Director, Harton Maliki said, “One of Absa’s strategic pillars is driving customer centricity, which focuses on having the customer at the centre of everything that we do. We continue to explore innovative ways of enhancing customer experience across all our touchpoints, so that we offer customers products and services that are not only in line with global trends but meet their evolving needs. The safety of our customers remains a priority and we are pleased to launch this capability that helps to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19, as customers using our new Vertical Debit Cards do not have to worry about touching the POS machines when purchasing items as they can simply tap. All Absa POS terminals across the country have been enabled to accept contactless cards”.

The features for the contactless payments are:

• It’s fast – Shorter queues and a quicker check-out process.

• It’s easy – There’s no need to enter a PIN, swipe a card, sign a receipt or have cash.

• It’s safe – Reduces the chances of fraud as the card never leaves your hand. Of course, the main benefit is that you can avoid touching the device, limiting your exposure to the coronavirus.

In addition to the contactless payment solution, Absa Bank Zambia PLC has been at the front of launching new services that are changing the face of banking since the brand was launched on the market in February 2020.

“From recently rolling out the Absa Bot – a virtual assistant that’s available 24/7 to answer banking questions on WhatsApp and our website, NovoFX – a game-changing App that allows you to send money abroad with just a tap, as well as enhancing our state-of-the-art Absa Zambia banking app with biometric access, Absa Bank Zambia PLC is really excited to yet again launch a revolutionary feature that eases transaction options for customers. We encourage customers to obtain their new Absa Visa Vertical Debit Cards from their nearest branch to enjoy the contactless feature”, Mr Maliki added.

The expertise that lies within Absa Bank Zambia PLC is founded on the team of experts that form part of Absa Group Limited that is determined to change banking on the continent. Recently, the Absa Regional Operations (ARO) Data Analytics team won the 2020 Best use of Analytics in Financial Services at the Retail Banking International Awards held in London on 24 June 2020, the second such award for its Customer360 (C360) analytics platform whilst competing against several international banks.

With the world moving to a digital era, Absa Zambia is committed to ensuring that customers are carried along and enjoy world class banking solutions.

Source: Absa Zambia