A review of Apptorney, the Zambian Law must-have!

There’s a new app in town, all white wigs aside, that any Zambian citizen needs in the palm of their hand. The jury is out: Apptorney is in!

Apptorney is a Zambian app containing EVERYTHING regarding Zambian Case Law, Zambian Legislation and other legal content for any lawyer/lay person’s legal needs. The content can be shared with others and easily copied to other platforms like Word, if you were a lawyer building a case. All you need to do is download it from App Store or Google Play Store and create an account.

The home page is divided into sections:

  • the ‘Bookmarks’ area, for content you can reference as you explore the app.
  • the ‘What’s New’ section for all the latest cases/stories.
  • the ‘Trending’ tab has updates on court stories and the latest Laws being altered or introduced that people are reading the most in the app.

I chatted with Apptorney’s creator, Muchu Kaingu, about Apptorney’s story:

Why was Apptorney an application to build at the time it was, what was going on? 

Muchu: Apptorney was built to address the problem of Zambian law being difficult to access. It’s targeted towards professional legal practitioners, business people and all Zambians who want to stay abreast with the Law.

What features of the app are you most excited about? Should we expect more?

Muchu: Apptorney is mobile which means our users can now have the Law readily accessible wherever they are and whenever they want. Apptorney is always up-to-date and has content that is properly linked and cross-referenced. Our users should expect the inclusion of Artificial Intelligence to make Apptorney a true digital Legal Assistant in the near future.

What opportunities do you see your app creating for both you as its creator and for users?

Muchu: For us the creators, Apptorney will bring revenue and is an opportunity to enhance access to justice in Zambia. Our users can enjoy staying updated with the Zambian Law.

Using Apptorney is absolutely free, so check it out and get book(of Law) smart!



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