Contributors’ Guidelines

Techtrends Zambia’s mission is to explain the ideas and innovations that are changing our lives, from business to science to technology. We offer a new outlet for high-quality journalism that is ambitious, revelatory and agenda-setting. This is a rare opportunity to give to a new media platform in Zambia.

We are hungry for long or short pieces that cover the latest developments in science, technology, and industry. An old subject can be interesting if new facts have recently become known. Accuracy is paramount. Check your facts and sources before submitting queries.

1. What to Write

Techtrends seeks various types of articles from contributing editors, including application stories, product reviews and resource guides. Feature articles and cover stories are in-depth discussions of technology (whatever that may be to you). These articles range in size from 300 to 1000 words. Application stories and product reviews range in size from 300 to 1000 words. Here, you test drive products and give readers with a hands-on report.

2. Things to Remember

No matter what type of article you write, it has to be supported and enhanced visually. Visual information can include screenshots, photos, infographics, schematics, tables, charts, checklists, time lines, reading lists, or program code. The exact mix will depend on your particular article, but each of these items must be accompanied by specific, detailed captions. Where the used visual is not your original work, stock imagery or is the work of another entity, please show your source and caption as necessary.

3. Why submit

Become part of the growing technology scene in Zambia. Become a thought leader. Have your ideas shared on a global platform.

To contribute please contact The Blogger.