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ZICTA has a new website, but it has a few problems…


The Zambia Information  and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA) has a new website, and we kind of like it. It’s so much better than what it used to be, with all its former white space and tiny font.

The new site has a tile-like interface that shows you the sitemap for much easier navigation than before for users to find what they’re looking for quickly:


The other tabs like Tenders, About us, Contact Us, Gallery and Projects all seem fine but one page on the Projects tab on Connected Learning Institutions can not be viewed in its entirety as there is no scroll bar to the bottom of the pop-up page, as shown below:

Scrolling not available for pop-up page
Scrolling not available for pop-up page

The sitemap option at the bottom of the home page give users a chance to see all these tabs and their folders at once, but there is also no scroll bar to the right to see more, it cuts off some tabs at the Complaints point as shown below:


We noticed another problem: The Complaint Systems tab where users are supposed to be able to directly lodge their complaints online, is offline, showing the following error message if you’re not on their local network:


One of the mandates of ZICTA is to set an example for the ICT sector in Zambia so we hope they can start by having a fully functional website in the first place. Overall a not-so-bad-looking website. Check it out here.

(All images are screenshots from the new ZICTA website)


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One thought on “ZICTA has a new website, but it has a few problems…

  • I very much agree that ZICTA has to set a grand example being the most high caliber organization in the ICT sector in the country . I am quite impressed wit the fact that their WHOIS is very much in the open with clear info. I can’t help but say that I’m a big of fan of OpenAccess. The loading time of the site is quite remarkable due to the use of solid color vectors. I hope the tiny problems the site has will be worked on soon.

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