Zamtel and NEC want you to stay connected, congestion for who?


We need faster flawless connections and in a perfect world we would have it, but atleast we have mobile operators trying different ways to do this.

Zamtel, which is one of Zambia’s biggest mobile operators (and brings the colour green to mind) has joined hands forces to come up with a way to boost connectivity for their subscribers.

What this deal is that NEC Cooperation will build a digital microwave radio transmission network that will help to boost Zamtel’s mobile coverage, avoiding congestion.

So, how does this microwave radio transmission network work, you may wonder. Like the name states, it uses microwave wavelengths to transmit radio waves. These waves meet each other at antennas placed at various spots placed apart in an area. They are so tiny that they don’t interfere other wave frequencies, which is usually what causes interruptions in network connectivity. The waves then transmit your mobile commands such as a phone call, SMS or data request which is relayed faster and smoothly over this microwave radio transmission. That’s simply putting it. The whole process is much too technical.

Microwave radio transmission networks are usually backbone carriers for cellular purposes so we hope that Zamtel will not neglect its main network carrier system when this one is put in place.

Dr Nobuhiro Endo(left), President at NEC Corporation, and Dr Mupanga Mwanakatwe (right),
Dr Nobuhiro Endo(left), President at NEC Corporation, and Dr Mupanga Mwanakatwe (right),

According to a press statement from the signing ceremony, Zamtel CEO Dr Mupanga Mwanakatwe said  the new digital microwave backbone and access project will include the installation of 2Gbps, 600Mbps, 300Mbps and 150Mbps backbone and access networks based on native Ethernet microwave radio network technologies, adding that on completion, the investment will lead to the implementation of a state-of-the-art national IP microwave backbone and access network.

Dr Nobuhiro Endo, President at NEC Corporation commented, “By boosting the coverage and capacity of its wireless backhaul network, Zamtel will be able to meet the ever rising demand for mobile broadband services from local citizens, enterprises and tourists across the country. NEC’s highly reliable and cost-effective solution will enable Zamtel to support continued economic growth and underpin emerging services, such as mobile money and high definition mobile TV, in both rural and urban locations.”

This move will cost Zamtel slightly over $18, 320, 000 with NEC Corporation and is expected to be completed over a year, that includes the supply and installation of everything needed for this deal. That’s a lot of money so this better work out as planned. Zamtel also has LTE connectivity planned to roll out, as well as a mobile money platform so this is great support fro both moves.

Zambia has seen a lot f projects generally that do not take place as scheduled. Zambian time, we all say, but then again, in a perfect world…

Image Credit: NEC Corporation



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