Hot on the Heels of MTN Zambia, Zamtel Launches 4G LTE Service in Kitwe

zamtel-officeIt’s a race to deploy state-of-the-art cutting-edge mobile communications technology in Zambia and Zamtel is proving that it is a capable contender. We visited a couple of Zamtel shops today to find out of curiosity when they would be launching 4G LTE connectivity. Alas, we were informed that a launch occurred in Kitwe today! This was promptly confirmed through a phonecall to Zamtel’s Corporate Communications Manager, Mr. Kennedy Mambwe, who said that a commercial launch was indeed successfully hosted in Kitwe today. According to Mr. Mambwe, the decision to first launch from the Copperbelt Province is to show that the network is not only restricted to providing services in Lusaka but rather a national network. Furthermore, this is the only the first phase and the next phase is anticipated to be in Lusaka.

Back in August, as the official UNWTO communications sponsor, Zamtel completed its US$4 million Livingstone investment to provide free internet hotspots to all official conference venues and hotels. This was apparently a trial run for 4G network. Owing to the trial’s success, “4G technology will provide a platform for data-hungry services and applications such as IP-TV, Interactive gaming, Video-on-demand, etc.” said Zamtel’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Mupanga Mwanakatwe in a press release.

The way the Zamtel 4G service is expected to work is that all you need is a 4G LTE enabled device for you to enjoy the technology. One does not need a special 4G enabled sim card to be activated as long as you are within the 4G enabled radius. Additionally, walk-in 4G Live Experiential Centre have been set up at Zamtel’s Kitwe offices, where customers can experience Long Term Evolution (LTE) or 4G technology in operation. It is progressive to see this kind of robust activity in the mobile communications sector. In fact, we hope that telecoms get on their toes to provide customers with an opportunity to experience this very latest and most advanced mobile communications technology genuinely and consistently.