Newsflash Yahoo! Users: Mail Hackers Prompt Massive Password Reset

password-6-970x0[1]Yahoo! users must be used to this already, but you all will need to reset your passwords…again!

According to Digital Trends:

Yahoo said Thursday it had discovered what it described as a “coordinated effort” by hackers to gain access to a number of Yahoo Mail accounts.

In a ‘security update’ message posted on its Tumblr page, Yahoo’s Jay Rossiter declined to say precisely how many accounts had been compromised, but said it had taken “immediate” action and contacted affected users, prompting them to reset their passwords.

There are known to be some 273 million Yahoo Mail accounts globally, with around 81 million based in the US.

This could potentially affect those Yahoo! users in Zambia who have not followed minimal password securing tips or have linked their email addresses to business transactions online and on mobiles. Act now we advise.

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Image courtesy: digital trends