Where’s the UZI Zambia mobile operator?

With ZICTA recently announcing the cancellation of Vodafone Zambia’s mobile service licence, many people were asking where the other operators, UZI, set to enter the market is.

Ngabo Nankonde, ZICTA’s Corporate Communications Manager has responded:

“Earlier in the year, UZI Zambia was granted November 30, 2019 as the final deadline to commence operations and were directed provide monthly progress reports on all activities indicated in the roll-out plan. They have continued to submit these monthly reports to ZICTA.

The licensee paid for frequency spectrum and is expected to make progress in network deployment. November 30, 2019 is the final deadline.”

We shared details about this deadline earlier.

So there you go. UZI should be expected to commence operations by 1st December and we can only wait to see what offers they have.


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