Want Your Startup Project Funded? How’s about a KickStarter?



Many people young and old alike come up with ideas but have no where to go to get funding. There are many channels. One such channel is Kickstarter and here’s how it works.

Kickstarter is an online community where projects are shared from all over the world. People from everywhere pledge money to support the projects that they feel are worth sponsoring and just like that you may get your project up and running.

The great part is if your project works out and reaches the amount that was initially pumped in, the funder’s accounts are credited to pay them back what they initially invested into your project. However, if your project fails none of the parties get charged.

So far only 4 projects have been funded from Zambia according to their website and these are:

  • R’ashion Camp Zambia: This project was turning trash to fashion! It is an educational camp that works with kids and teachers in Zambia to make use of all the litter around and turn it into fashion items. Recycling + Fashion  = R’ashion. It got a pledge of $11, 157.
  • Bumba Busuma Hand-Printed Textiles: The initiative was started in Kashikishi to help the less fortunate women there create textiles, make a profits, be self-sufficient and then the profits could be used as microfinance loans. It got a pledge of $6,288.
  • Big Big World: This was a project started to work with homeless kids and bring them together at an event called the Barefeet Festival, teaching and caring for them. it got a pledge of £2,372.
  • Lusaka Markets Video:  A project meant to showcase Zambian daily life to the entire world. It got  a pledge of $2172.

So there’s a chance that your great big idea might be picked by backers but you never know until you try.

You don’t only have to visit the kickstarter website to get pledges, you can also pledge money yourself to well deserving projects in various parts of the world.


Unfortunately the fund pledges for project creation are limited to the UK and USA projects but you can back a project from anywhere in the world.

At Techtrends, we value the entrepreneurial spirit that the youth in Zambia so if you can go ahead and help someone. Get kickstarting today!

To find out how exactly Kickstarter works, click here.

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