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Twitter goes World Cup 2014 Crazy with a Starter Kit feature


It’s officially on! The World Cup 2014 in Brazil has had Zambians dizzy with excitement but social media is now making it even easier to stay informed about the games.

Twitter is one such medium. It has a new  World Cup 2014 starter kit feature that allows you to choose what team you’re supporting and you will get news about it on your feed.


You even have options of which players accounts you can follow to stay in touch with them as they play the ever lovable game of football.

2014-06-13-08.18.03This is a smart mass-marketing move by Twitter right now because it brings the World Cup 2014 major news headlines in real time to Tweeple (people on Twitter) who may not be watching the game but have access to Twitter feed at that very moment. It has added value to the way people will now use their Twitter account and we must say it is a very innovative move that will capture football fans’ attention worldwide.

It seems this starter kit will be popular but will it have staying power? We think it will seeing how big people, especially in Zambia, are big on football. Who wouldn’t want to get in on the conversation on Twitter? Definitely a lot of people will.

Keep tweeting about the World Cup 2014 using the hashtag #WorldCup and may the best team win. Let us know if you’re using the feature and how it’s working out for you so far in the comments section below.

Image Credit: End of Line Magazine


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