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Twitter Gets Video and Group Messaging Update


In what has been a long time coming, Twitter has finally enabled group chat functionality for its iOS and Android platforms.

The groups chat enables users/Tweeple to chat via DM (direct message) to other people added to it by the group chat’s creator. The group is private to other users on the main Twitter feed so they can’t see what groups you’re in. I  think this is great for Twitter users who like to hold long conversations in front of everyone on the timeline that forces other users to either watch the conversation, log out till they stop talking, or even unfollow them. You an invite up to 20 people in these private group chats. You don’t even have to be following all the users that you add to the group. This is quite different from the single DM where a person has to be following you back for you to send a message.


Twitter also added a new video feature which allows users share 30 second long video clips (its partner app Vines only allows 6 seconds!) to other users in group chats or normal DMs.

You can record, edit and share the video within the Twitter app itself, or the videos can be uploaded from the device you’re using. So far the latter feature has been rolled out to only iOS, but will be available for Android soon.


Image Credits: ‘Twitter’ Twitter page


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