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The top 5 travel apps you need when visiting Africa

top travel apps

It’s not totally a  jungle out here, but if you’re planning to visit Africa or an African planning a trip to another African country here are some apps that are an absolute must-have on your device:
1. Google Maps: Even if you have a guide with you, it’s better to have Google Maps on board to show you what routes you’re taking and how far the places you’re visiting are from each other. You can also learn the names of new places along the way. 


2. TripAdvisor: Rated one of the top travel apps in the world, you can get all sorts of information about what places you want to travel to, not just in Africa, but globally. From hotels available, flights and activities you can do while you’re at your location, this app is perfect for the adventurous soul. The best part is you can even make your bookings within the app itself.

3. Google Translate: To help you communicate clearly with locals in their language. Google Translate has a data base of about languages that can easily be translated by the user typing in what they want to say in that area’s language.

;lkjh4. XE Currency: To know how much forex trades at or to know exactly how much you’re spending each time you bring out your wallet/card, get this currency converter app. It has so many currencies covered in it you wouldn’t lose count of your holiday money.


5. Instagram: What’s the point of travel if you can’s show everyone what you see? Get the Instagram app if you haven’t already. Post all the pictures you can, hashtag them #Africa and let the world know how much fun you had.

Some of these apps are available on other operating systems like iOS and BlackBerry as well.


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  • Very useful article! Google maps is app that will help you everywhere. I found it really useful every time. Greetings!

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