Sony Comes Close To Your Doorstep With Launch of New Store in Zambia

IMG_0905Sony, one the largest consumer electronics companies globally, now has a store in Lusaka. The store, Sony’s first in the country, is located at the Manda Hill mall  and is a franchise by Sound Investments a local gadgets company that’s been selling music and home entertainment accessories for a long time now.

We visited the shop and took a few pictures, (above and below). We are obviously happy that finally those looking to get genuine Sony gadgets can access them without having to go the grey import route. We can’t speculate on tech support though as this looks just retail for now. And that said even other brands, Samsung for example, (or Hazida) outsource to other IT companies for repairs. So yes, the big deal is warranty; genuine product vs buying from phone shops in town which give you a word of mouth warranty which they are not contractually obligated to fulfill.

Sound Investment’s knowledge of the market for entertainment, and media, should go a long way in helping link people who want Sony products. With the improvements in Sony smartphones, digital cameras, LED/smart TVs, home theatres, laptops and other personal gizmos, we hope this partnership can now work on the pricing of their goods. Paying over $1,000 Kwacha equivalent for a phone that can be brought in cheaply, soon after launch, from elsewhere on the globe (online) with shipping costs, insurance and taxes, is just not rational.

Here are more photos:

IMG_0922 IMG_0919 IMG_0918 IMG_0917 IMG_0916 IMG_0913 IMG_0908 IMG_0923

5 thoughts on “Sony Comes Close To Your Doorstep With Launch of New Store in Zambia

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  • Remmington simpemba

    DO you have xperia z3 phones i really want to buy one with duo simcards ,di not see any phone on the pictures and how much is the phone moreover what are the specifications?

    • Hi Remmington, TechTrends is a technology publication, we do not sell any gadgets 🙂

  • amon simwanza

    My Xperia phone I bought it recently has got the problem of speaker.what can I do, I lost the receipt. Advise

  • Thanga Pandian.L

    I bought a new tv, Sony bravia 32 inch, the screen was demaged so I want to change the screen. Is it possible? If yes what is the budget??

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