Second #MTN1HourChat with CEO Charles Molapisi coming up

Source: MTN Zambia Facebook page
Source: MTN Zambia Facebook page

MTN’s trying to get its existing and potential subscribers closer to the top leads in the firm, and created the MTN 1 Hour Chat on their Facebook page. The second one will take place on the 29th of January, 2016 from 13:00 hrs to 14:00hrs, according to the Facebook event page they created.

The chat will focus on customers’ experience in MTN stores and call centres as well as with their products and services.

The first chat didn’t go too well, with many confused about what time it was starting on the event page only to find the conversation already happening on the main MTN Zambia page. It also seemed to not respond to many of the questions asked, with a lot of “We’ll look into it” replies for most.

We hope the second one will be more informative, with answers that will satisfy the audience, not ones we get as standard responses from call centre agents. It would also be great if all the responses within the hour come from Charles Molapisi himself, rather than the unhelpful ambiguous responses that the MTN Zambia account were sending out. They can take over at 14:00hrs.


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