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Save Instagram Photos and Videos with EasyDownloader

If you’re using a desktop it’s probably easy to save videos and pictures but on Android devices there is no such option. This is where EasyDownloader comes in. Keep in mind this app only saves photos and videos from Instagram accounts that are not “private”.

Download the EasyDownloader app. We assume you already have Instagram on your Android device. Open the Easy downloader app and on your top right you will see the Instagram logo. Tap on it.  It will open up Instagram immediately.


Browse your account like you normally would but when you come across a picture or video you would like to save, go to the bottom of it to where there are 3 grey dots, and click on them.

They should give you an option “Copy Share URL”. Click on that. What this does is instead of actually just copying the URL of the photo/video, it automatically downloads it and saves it in our phone gallery and you’re done! Pretty cool right?

However this only works on devices with Android 3.0 or higher. After you finish downloading your pictures/videos, do not forget to exit the app. Go back to the app, next to the Instagram logo is a power button. Click on that to close it.


Picture credit: Google Play


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