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Expectations of the S5 launch in Zambia Tonight

Airtel S5 promo

When I hear “phone launch event”, I automatically think Steve Jobs. Why? Well because nobody else ever launched a phone like Steve Jobs did, particularly a smartphone! So tonight, we’ve been invited by Airtel Zambia to attend the Samsung Galaxy S5 launch in Zambia together with Samsung Zambia. This is pretty exciting stuff because expectations for the S4’s successor have been very high. It’s not an exaggeration for me to say that people’s curiosity antennas were full length in anticipation of the launch.

Naturally, we are expecting a techie event. Techie to the extent that the device will be visibly present and available for experimenting with. We imagine that there will be S5 stations positioned around the room accompanied by Airtel reps informed enough about the tech specs to guide the users experience. The whole point is for people to feel the WOW factor. Otherwise what will be the point of making a big fuss by launching the device at a fancy hotel? Hopefully the pressing questions of whether to upgrade from the S4 to S5 will be answered as well.

Now let’s talk pricing. You will be shocked to learn that the pre-order price is pretty darn cheap compared to prices on the international market. It sounds too good to be true especially considering that the promotion that Airtel Zambia has got going on comes with free 1GB mobile internet data for four months. The pre-order price is only K4,945 which is equivalent to $824 (at an exchange rate of $1 to K6).

Now according to PC Advisor, the Galaxy S5 got launched in the UK today and is going at the price of £569.95 (K5,699.50 at an exchange rate of £1 to K10). For once, we’re cheaper than Europe. We can celebrate that later if the price remains the same after the launch.

Still, in terms of the Zambian average earning power, the S5 costs more than most people’s salary or just about. Most middle-income earners get a monthly salary of around K5,000. Rent in Lusaka ranges from K2,000 going upwards for a decent place to live (I’m not talking about shared accommodation either). The minimum spending on grocery shopping is roughly K1,000 for necessities. Simply put, the Samsung Galaxy S5 aint cheap! Nonetheless, the S5 is a high-end smartphone and is not designed to be cheap. So if the S5 is well beyond your budget then don’t buy it. If having the latest phone matters to you then totally buy the S5.

As we now put on our ambassador hats ready to go and represent our readers. We promise to take as many pictures and absorb as much information to post on this website and on Facebook. Stay tuned!

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