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RTSA to (finally) go electronic and enhance service delivery

The Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) is about to go electronic (finally) with a new system it’s calling e-ZAMTIS, (for electronic Zambia  Traffic Information Systems). This platform will provide all of RTSA’s functions and services to the public so after its launch by the end of June 2016 you can expect to do the following with the portal:

  • Licencing for drivers
  • Licencing of vehicles
  • Examinations for motor vehicle
  • Motor vehicle administration
  • Law traffic enforcement administration
  • Stakeholders and RTSA web applications

RTSA has said this will speed up its service delivery and c’mon, we all hate waiting in line during a work day with sooooo many other things to do while you try and get your ‘musonko’ (road tax disk) replaced. The traffic authority also wants to encourage newbies to the driving scene to take advantage of this portal and find information they need about traffic laws and offences.

e-ZAMTIS will support epayments for some services that previously could only be done by one physically going to a RTSA office. Frederick Mubanga, Head of Public Relations at RTSA said in a statement:

“There will be enhanced service delivery with the new system as all business functions will be performed on the system and as such most processes have been stream lined and aligned accordingly.
The e-ZAMTIS is a decentralized system enabling services to be accessed quicker by members of the public in their respective provinces and districts. For example driving licenses will be printed in all the provinces enabling members of the public to access this valuable service quicker.”

The e-ZAMTIS is e-ready as per government policy and direction for the implementation of the e-government as it has all the core business functions and support functions computerized which is not the case under the old system.
It will be interfaced with different e-payment methods e.g. mobile money.

RTSA has also announced some changes to the driving licences that will now be issued out:

  • The new driving license has been improved upon in various aspects including its appearance, security features and clarity of information.
  • The new driving license has additional classes notably class “T” for earth moving equipment and some farm vehicles
  • The new driving license has a chip embedded in it which contain all the information including the images of the owner.
  • The photo or image on the new driving license is duplicated to enhance this security feature.

The e-ZAMTIS has field gadgets to be used in enforcement activities to read the new driving licence and will show any previous offence tickets. It has also been designed to have economical output for cost-effectiveness; e.g road tax disk and will be printed on A5 paper to minimize paper usage.

Mr Mubanga also said:

“The e-ZAMTIS has presented various opportunities for RTSA in terms of effective service delivery in all spheres that is driver license processing, Motor vehicle examinations and registration, enforcement which will lead to a reduction in the number of incidences on the road and enhance road safety, etc. The e-ZAMTIS has also presented an opportunity to lay a foundation for the next big thing which is business intelligence (BI). Further it will be used as tool to enhance productivity and effective administration of road transport in the country including road safety.”

June ends in 2 weeks so let’s wait for the launch for a more hands-on experience.


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