About the new MTN Zambia hourly micro-bundles…

Image: MTN Zambia
Image: MTN Zambia

So MTN Zambia has introduced hourly bundles packages that work just like that, an hour’s usage. If you don’t finish it up within an hour it’s done, and will charge further data consumption from either another existing data bundle you may have subscribed to or your actual talktime.

How have people received it? Well, from this post and this one that they have posted so far about it, it looks like people are not too impressed, with many stating alternative mobile operator offerings…

MTN had carried out a sysytem upgrade last week that seems to have affected a lot of their services and subscribers are not having it.

My suggestion? To fix what’s already in place and has been affected by the system ‘upgrade’ before they launch new micro services at the moment.


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4 thoughts on “About the new MTN Zambia hourly micro-bundles…

  • Very true after the upgrade according to themselves but on the customer end it downgrade because even service that where easily accessed are difficult to access and now they bring hourly micro bundles that will put there already burdened system under more pressure I think it not the right to launch such.

  • Maria Ponavantu

    Madam/Sir, you seem bitter/sad… Taking MTN services personal, no? This is an OPTIONAL service offer that is not being shoved down your throat… I think this is world class innovation and works well for me and others..Let us who appreciate it use it. Keep it up MTN!!!

    • Hi Maria. Thanks for your comment but you might have missed my point: that they need to work on what’s going wrong with their network right now before launching new products, for marketing’s sake. And yes I do take their services personal because I’m a paying subscriber. Have a good day 🙂

      • Maria Ponavantu

        Creativity, Innovation and Pioneering should not come to a halt due to system upgrade. You will not stop blogging because your Caps Lock isn’t working….or at least you shouldn’t. It’s not rocket science, ideas must be implemented before hijacked. Happy Blogging.

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