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Just-tap, The New Way To Network

Zambia is fighting not to remain behind in the era of technology and innovation. Young people are deciding to step up and make a difference; we bring to you a recent great innovation called Just-tap. Have you heard of it? Well, if you haven’t, you will be very aware when you finish reading this article.

Just-tap Investment Limited is a company founded by a young enthusiastic change-maker Thawanda Malambo

What is Just-tap?

Thawanda: Just-tap is a digital business card provider. It provides NFC cards to corporate clients and anyone who wants to network effortlessly.

When was just tap founded?

Thawanda: It was founded two months ago and officially launched in Zambia a month ago.

How does it work?

Thawanda:  When one buys our product, be it the card, wristband, or phone tag, we program one’s details, and then they can share their details just by tapping the Just-tap product with a smartphone. Networking never stops; you do not know who you will meet and where so Just-tap makes it possible for you to be ready anywhere and anytime. You have to tap the product against the recipient’s smartphone and are ready to network. With conventional business cards, you will have to worry about printing cards when they finish and the hustle of carrying a bunch of cards every time, but we are here to redefine networking, making it effortless and reliable.

We know how important it is to be money-smart and Just-tap long-lasting products. Even if you were to change your job post, maybe from front desk personnel to manager, you will not have to buy another Just-tap product to contain the new information; all you will have to do is to log in, go to your profile, and edit, unlike conventional business cards where you will have to throw away those cards meaning you will have to make new ones, spending more money. With Just-tap, you do not have to leave the card with the person you want to network with, again saving you money because you can have the same card for a really long time.

How safe are Just-tap products?

Thawanda: Firstly, we do not store people’s data we use Firebase and Google Cloud storage, meaning the products are safe unless someone hacks into these big cloud service providers. Just-tap is safe as safe can be unless one shares their password then, someone can have access, which we do not advise.

In a scenario where your Just-tap product is stolen, you can go to your profile and choose to either block or delete your profile. When you do this, it means the gadget cannot be used again. The person who stole can not use it. Just as in the case of one losing their ATM card if they do not report then they can definitely transact but if you report and have the card blocked the card will be there, but it will serve no purpose.

What made you come up with this product?

Thawanda: Last year I launched Tafika Tickets which is a mobile bus ticketing platform that makes it easy for one to buy a bus ticket in the comfort of their home all you have to do is download the app. When I was launching this product, I had to come to Zambia and network a lot, set things up, meet many people, etc. To do this, I had to have business cards printed, I had like a hundred cards, and by the time I was leaving Zambia, I had none left, meaning I had to keep on printing cards and carrying them. That’s when I thought, surely there has to be an easier way, just the same way we always have our phones everywhere why can’t it be the same for people who want to network?

At Just-tap we hold two things dear, which are “Your network is your net worth” and “It’s your last business card purchase”, and that is how the business was born.

Anything else you’d like us to know?

Just-tap is a great exciting product. Every month we will try to be releasing a new colour to cater to the various tastes of people. Currently, the wristbands come in three colours: Pink, Black, and Green. Just-tap products come in 3 forms:

  • phone tags
  • wristbands
  • cards

To get yours visit Just-tap here.

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