Data Bundle Comparisons for Daily Bundles

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With the economy squeezing all our belts we thought the time is right to compare providers data bundles. In this head to head, I ignore the bundles that tie you into times of data or restrict you to what you can do on the internet. This comparison is for anyone who tops-up or needs to buy data bundles on a daily basis rather than weekly or monthly. The expiry period for all the bundles are set to one day by the operators.

Firstly a look at what is available:


As you can clearly see all the operators have selected random bundle sizes to make it next to impossible to compare them. The exception is the 20MB bundle, though MTN bundled theirs with free WhatsApp. With that in mind we decided to use Kwacha denominations for our comparisons.

The best value for money bundle is the MTN 300MB at 15MB per Kwacha


The most variety in terms of bundle offering goes to Airtel with 5 bundles


The cheapest bundle you can get is from Zamtel at K2.09 for 20MB

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4 thoughts on “Data Bundle Comparisons for Daily Bundles

  • i_love_digitech

    With value on validity you can also get a 10MB bundle from Zamtel @ K4.7

    • Yes. I saw that but thought it might be an error because it costs twice the 20MB one for half the capacity.

  • Mbuyu Lucas Makayi

    I just go for the MTN WhatsApp Free 20MB bundle, the rest are just beyond my bank.

  • MTN’s Browse 4 ever works for me as I use a lot of data in a day. I would love it if they offered an unlimited bundle for the whole month.

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