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Swap Your Airtime With Any Network’s, Using AirtimeSwap


Ever wanted to swap airtime to another network? Or send airtime to a lot of numbers? Or even just to one? AirtimeSwap is the latest innovation from Zambia to enable you do that, in the shortest possible time. I got to talk to Japhet Mesa, co-founder of AirtimeSwap and here’s what he told me:

1. Who started it and why? 

AirtimeSwap was started by two high school friends, Vituli Musukuma and Japhet Mesa. We experienced frustration when we had too much airtime on one network when we preferred to have it on another and sometimes we would have too much airtime and no money. We then saw a gap which we decided to fill.

2. How does AirtimeSwap work? 

Our customers can access the service in four main ways;

  •  By using our app (which will be ready for download soon)
  •  By using an application such as Whatsapp, Viber, or Wechat
  •  By sending an SMS to our access number
  •  By visiting the website.

The customer sends a request depending on the service they want to access. Currently we are offering 4 services namely:

Switch Airtime Service

airtime 2

This service gives you the freedom to exchange airtime from one service provider to another. For example if you have MTN airtime, you can exchange it for Zamtel airtime.

For example, to access this service a customer through SMS types  X , then a space,  the number receiving swapped airtime, another space and then the amount. Then send to access number.

Airtime to Cash Service

airtime 1

AirtimeSwap also enables you to exchange your airtime for Money. Using this service you can send us your airtime and receive money in return!!! Money is only sent to mobile money accounts such as MTN Money, Airtel Money and Zanaco Xapit accounts.

Buy Airtime Service

airtime 3

This service enables you to buy airtime from any network service provider irrespective of your mobile money transfer service, in the comfort of your home, anytime. For example you can buy MTN airtime using Airtel money.

Bulk Airtime Service

airtime 4

With this service you can send airtime to multiple phone numbers in any network, at once, with convenience. This service is usually for corporate clients who buy airtime for use by employees on a monthly basis.

3. Is there a charge for the swap? Whether with internet data or airtime? 

Yes there will be a minimal standard charge of K1.50 per transaction. However, users who choose the SMS method will incur an extra charge for the SMS. Users are therefore encouraged to use alternative methods like the website, apps and instant messaging (IM) whenever possible.

4. Is there a limit to how much you can swap? 

Users are limited by the maximum amount that their Mobile Service provider allows them to share in a single transaction.

5. How long do you have to wait for the swap?  

The swap takes about 45 seconds. However, this is also subject to the response rate of the different service providers.

6. When will this trial period be finalized?

The trial runs from 20th July to 4th October 2014.

7. How do people get in touch with you?

Through our website www.airtimeswap.com if you want to learn more about our great services and promotions or for us to answer any queries you may have, or you can email us directly at admin@airtimeswap.com.

Well, this will save a lot of people of having to move from kiosk to kiosk searching for airtime on another. If you have tried it out let us know your experience with the service below.

Image Credit: Airtime Swap





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