29 November 2022

Celebrating #GirlsInICT: Jasmine Kasoma

Jasmine Kasoma is Creative Executive/IT Developer. We picked her mind for #GirlsInICT day…

Jasmine Kasoma
Techtrends : Why should more girls join ICT sector in Zambia ad how can the nation help them with that?
Jasmine: More girls should take up technology because in this digital media age, it is fast growing and there are so many opportunities and innovations that can be developed. Many of us are on a daily basis using technology, and it is safe to say that at times, we wish someone can develop this particular feature or upgrade – why not take the plunge and develop or create it yourself. It’s fun, its creative and it’s very practical – because you literally see an idea come to life. When I was studying IT in college, I was literally the only girl in my class, because it is considered a male-dominated industry, however, girls bring a different vibe and have more patience. You can utilise this skill in any ICT-related industry.
Zambia can encourage more IT marketing with females in them, usually marketing materials tend to have males when it comes to promoting ICT. Put more females on the cover, introduce it to more girls in primary and in secondary school, and promote how many females in IT around the world have created great things. I created the first mobile app for job search and career advice in the UK, and it stemmed just from an idea that grew into something nationally recognised, and was taken by the National Apprenticeship Company. If there are more incubating programs for females that show the different aspects and career paths in IT, more females will definitely draw to them. Promise :*


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