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Why Your BlackBerry Hangs


There is nothing more annoying in this world (apart from Flappy Bird) than that little black timer icon popping up on your BlackBerry phone screen and freezing it for a few seconds or for what seems like forever, forcing you to just pop out the battery and wait another decade for your phone to restart.

The dreaded BlackBerry  loading clock
The dreaded BlackBerry loading clock

Almost everybody complains about their BlackBerry hanging at one time or the other and it’s most likely because your phone memory is almost full or your OS is outdated.

BlackBerries store all applications on the phone memory so delete unnecessary apps that you don’t need to free up space. Also get yourself a memory card (SD card) with enough space and store all your other data on it.

Clear your log. You do this by holding the “Alt” key while pressing L then G then L then G again one after the other on your BlackBerry keypad. (NoteKeep your finger on the Alt key the entire time you’re pressing the Ls and Gs).  A list of all your activity will pop up so just press your option button and press “Clear Log”. It will take as much time as there are logs saved. The thing about not clearing your log is that the list piles up and starts to make your phone function slower and even causes hanging. So delete your logs as often as you can.

Long press Alt while pressing L G L G
Long press Alt while pressing L G L G

Reset your device every day. Every morning before your day starts, remove your battery for about  a minute, put it back and restart your phone. This will avoid a pile up of unnecessary software errors on your BlackBerry which can make your phone hang.

Update your BlackBerry OS. Your phone may be hanging simply because the software has not been updated. Make sure you check for updates every so often and install them. this will greatly improve the performance of your phone. Go to the BlackBerry website and find the latest operating system (OS) available for your BlackBerry model and update it using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager software.

Get BlackBerry Protect always

Wipe! If all these tips do not help, your last resort might be to completely wipe your phone of all its data. You do this by going to your options menu, go to your “Security” menu and clicking on “Wipe Handheld”. Before you do this make sure you install BlackBerry Protect from BlackBerry World and back up all your data from your phone so that you can restore it even after wiping your phone clean. If your phone is still hanging after you have wiped your phone and restored your data then the problem may be with the data itself and a wipe without restoration of data is the only way you may get a hang-free BlackBerry.

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