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Bend It Like Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus (Sorry Beckham!)


Obviously Apple would have said if this was a new feature but since they didn’t, these reports about the iPhone 6 bending when left in pockets, bags or any environment were only a thin wire would bend are worrying.

Then again, go back 6 words and I wrote ‘thin wire’. The iPhone 6 range is made from aluminium alloy that is generally easy to bend, plus the new iPhone are now thinner and longer, increasing their susceptibility to be bent when external pressure is applied to them.

The most complaints are  coming from the iPhone 6 Plus users who say they noticed a bend in their phones after having it in their pockets, front or back, for some time. Voila! There is your answer folks! Get those phablets out of your pocket and into a case. A phone that thin and made out of any light metal should not have to endure that much stress and then have its owners blame the firm, who I’m doing a great argument for right now, seeing as they have not yet responded to queries about the bend.


Most of the bending seems to be near the volume buttons on the side of the phone from online reports and well, the good thing is the iPhone 6 Plus screen won’t crack when bent forwards, but you may want to reconsider trying to straighten it as cracks have been seen to form in some iPhones whose owners tried to do so.

Tests by some phone analysts also showed that the phone could bend if sufficient pressure was applied using just hands. I doubt any Zambian would want to analyze on their own seeing as they may have bought the iPhone 6 Plus for over K9000 (which is currently the market price locally. Ridiculous I know). We’ll leave the testing to people who get freebies to analyze.Here is a video by Unbox therapy showing how far the iPhone 6 Plus can bend with just force from your hands.

This is not the first time there have been complaints about a phone bending. Sony, Samsung, Blackberry have all faced similar cases with metal-framed phones so the conclusion is, metal phones will have you over the bend if they are thin enough. If you will still get the iPhone 6 Plus, just make sure you get a cover/case for it that has strong support and will prevent bending even under pressure.

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