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AfriOnline Launches AfriSupermarket and AfriWholesale

AfriOnline Group, the parent company of AfriDelivery, has launched its AfriSuperMarket and AfriWholesale platforms, to help other SMEs to scale by cutting down on their cost of logistics on the distribution of their goods.

AfriSupermarket and AfriWholesale are Business-to-Consumer (B2C) and Business-to-Business (B2B) platforms respectively which allow businesses and consumers to order, sell and buy products online at their convenience, with the option of delivery to their preferred location.

The platforms are custom tailored to be user-friendly for the Zambian market and will offer a fully digitalized sales channel accessible through an app on their mobile phones or through any web browser which includes a real-time tracking system for stock management, invoicing, and receipting.

The platform also enables sellers and buyers to interact through a simplified supply chain model that provides a tracking option for order and delivery of frequently consumed products, a first in Zambia. The product range is vast, incorporating top brands and high-quality products including but not limited to local fresh produce, groceries, building materials and many other essential products.

Further, AfriOnline Group has partnered with Market Connect, under the Zambia Agribusiness and Trade Project (ZATP) to develop a package specifically for SMEs in the Agri-processing industry which will give them the advantage of benefiting from the platforms by developing new online sales channels aimed to open new markets and introduce their products to a new consumer market profile.



“Our goal with this partnership is to offer a launchpad for SMEs who want to digitize their businesses and bridge the gap between them and consumers by providing affordable logistics solutions. AfriOnline Group of Companies will revolutionize e-commerce in Zambia by offering comprehensive end-to-end fully digitized and cost-effective sales, marketing, and delivery systems that also offer excellent opportunities for digitalized consumer experiences,” Afshon Wallace, AfriOnline Group CEO stated.


Stay glued to https://afriwholesale.com/ to see more as they fully roll out.